• Computer science, C++ language (B.Sc level/1st yr engineering school
  • Field work geophysical prospection (M. Sc. level/ 3rd yr engineering school)
  • Field work tectonics/sedimentary structures (B.Sc level/1st yr engineering school)
  • Earth shape and cartography (B.Sc level)
  • General Geosciences (B.Sc level)


  • M. Sc. Internship D. Frizat: "Analysis of thermal LandSat data for subsurface hydrodynamic properties identification in West-Africa". February-July 2016
  • Engineering school internship (graduate level) N. Brunet: "Study and measurements of terrestrial gravity evolution within the CIGEO project". February - July 2013
  • M. Sc. summer internship C. Zecchin: "Computation of an automated algorithm for rainfall data processing". June 2013
  • M. Sc. research project C. Zecchin: "Study of atmospheric pressure data coherence at Djougou (west-Africa) using high precision barometers". January-May 2013